No Fuss Raspberry Ice Cream

I'm not sure I understand the fuss about ice cream makers/machines.Do I really need yet another equipment for my kitchen? Conclusion: No. I made this amazingly delicious, make-you-swoon raspberry ice cream without an ice cream maker/machine in less than 5 minutes (without the freezing time). The kids like to eat their morning pancake with a scoop of this. 

Half a package of frozen raspberries (I used unsweetened berries. You can put more or less berries)
½-¾ cup sugar
1 cup cream (I used soy cream just because I like that the resulting ice cream is less heavy than with regular cream, plus soy cream is cheaper. Using soy cream makes this dessert vegan)
1 t vanilla

Put everything in a food processor. Pulse a couple of times until well blended. Put in a bowl and freeze. Enjoy later when frozen. 

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